Jake Cruise


  • Take a vacation on a ship or boat following a predetermined course, usually calling in at several ports
  • travel at a moderate speed; “Please keep your seat belt fastened while the plane is reaching cruising altitude”
  • an ocean trip taken for pleasure
  • (of a vehicle or person) Travel or move slowly around without a specific destination in mind
  • drive around aimlessly but ostentatiously and at leisure; “She cruised the neighborhood in her new convertible”
  • Sail about in an area without a precise destination, esp. for pleasure


  • There are a variety of unique characters in the Ape Escape series. Where appropriate, English names are on the left and Japanese names are on the right. From Ape Escape 2 onwards, the UK versions of the games feature Japanese names.
  • (jakes) outhouse: a small outbuilding with a bench having holes through which a user can defecate
  • Jake Berenson is a fictional character and one of the main protagonists from the science-fiction book series Animorphs, written by K. A. Applegate. Until the penultimate book of the series, his last name was never revealed, and he was known only as Jake.
  • All right; satisfactory

jake cruise

jake cruise – ASA Professional

ASA Professional Pilot, Third Edition
ASA Professional Pilot, Third Edition
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Steve and my cousin Jake cruising in the dune buggy.

Steve and my cousin Jake cruising in the dune buggy.
Steve and my cousin Jake cruising in the dune buggy.


Jake ready to go home